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For those active

For those active

Disc-golf course

The path from the Spišská Magura ridge can be a great fun. You only need to borrow disc-golf set at the information center and play disc-golf. Our 9-hole course offers new and inexpensive form of entertainment for the whole family. Take the cable car to the ridge, stroll down along the slope Bachledka and play disc-golf.

Disc-golf is a sport similar to golf but instead of balls you use flying saucers – discs. The winner is the one who manages to throw the disc into the basket with the lowest number of throws. Maps and rules of the game can be found at the course as well as in each disc-golf set.


Do you want to play while enjoying a snack on the hotel terrace? Take the family and friends and play a game of petanque. This is easy even for those who do not do sports very often but challenging since players have to take care when kicking the petanque. This game can liven up every afternoon or night. You can rent a petanque set for a fee at the hotel.

Football pitch

Bachledka has the highest situated football pitch in Slovakia. Playing football with friends at this height is a great experience and fun. You can borrow the ball in the buffet or bike rental.