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Buying cross-country skis? How to choose the right one.

Buying cross-country skis? How to choose the right one.
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Buying cross-country skis? How to choose the right one.

When choosing new cross-country skis, you should mainly ask yourself whether you need them for a classic or skating style or both and take into account your abilities.

Classic style

Classic glinding on ski trail – two parallel tracks next to each other. Skis for this style have a distinct, sharper tip and sit on the surface better when weight is applied. Skis for classic style are treated with slide wax on the skid and a kick wax on the edges. Their length should be 20-30 cm greater than your height.

Skating style

This style is almost like skating on skis. It is physically more demanding than the classic style and requires a wider and well-groomed area (tracks for this skiing style are modified by a snowcat). The skis for this style have a wider flat tip gently bent upwards. They are shorter compared to those used in the classic style. They are treated only using sliding wax (various hardness). In determining the right one, it is important to consider the weight and technical ability of the skiers. The length of skis should be the same as your height, or it may be 5-10 cm longer.

Combined technique

If you plan to use the ski for both styles of cross-country skiing, choose the skis designed for this style. They are similar to those used in the classic style, but they are a bit harder and shorter to make it easier for you to skate. You may have the problem with waxing, however. If you want to swap styles during a trip, take both waxes with you to wax the skis before you hit the road.

Weight of the skier and hardness of ski surface

When buying a ski, step on both of them and make sure there is a small space between the lower part of the ski and the ground. In the classical style, the kick wax is applied to this place.

Cross-country skis according to the abilities


If you are not an experienced cross-country skier and when you want to enjoy the outdoors and the view, this model will suit you the best. Skis are wider, softer and slower.


If you take the cross-skiing seriously, take the sport model. These skis are lighter and faster.


If you want to win races and devote your time to cross-country skiing, choose the racing model. These skis are pricey and have a specific shape – they are narrower, significantly easier and quicker.

Have you made your choice? Try your skis on the cross-country skiing trail at Bachledka. The ridge track leading to Ždiar is regularly groomed by the snowcat and therefore suitable for both styles of cross-country skiing, as well as for those who want to enjoy the nature and the beautiful winter day.