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Children and families

Attractions and experiences throughout the year in Bachledka

Families and children

Bobsled track

At Bachledka you can enjoy a ride on the longest bobsled in the Tatras. It is 1,200 meters long and has 15 curves – an exceptional driving experience guaranteed. The track elevation is 111 meters and the maximum speed you can reach is 40 km / h. Its transport capacity is 200 people per hour. The starting station is located at the top station of the cable car. The ride is safe, the speed is regulated by the rider himself/ herself. Older children are allowed to go alone, younger only accompanied by parents. Ticket prices



Children can look forward to two playgrounds where they can play with their friends. In the meantime, you can enjoy views of the Tatras with a cup of coffee in your hand on the nearby terrace or from a bench by the playground. Tunnels, swings, slides, jungle gym and castle – all on the playgrounds at the Gondola Bachledka station.


Jumping child is the best child. Jump on the big trampolines in the children’s area at the top of Spišská Magura. Excessive energy will be spent and children’s entertainment will be taken care of. Now, you can relax.

Forest games

The educational trail is full of fun games. Children have to guess what forest animals eat, which tree has what leaves, which plant has what fruit or which animal leaves which footprints. Forest games in Bachledka make learning fun and teach children about the life in nature.

Educational trail

The trip to Bachledka is not only fun, but also educational. If you are looking for a shorter hike through the nature of Spišská Magura with beautiful views, take a stroll to Jezerské Lake. From the Gondola Bachledka exit station, a moderately demanding 6.5 km long trail leads to the lake. The trail is suitable for both adults and children. Along the way, you will find several stops with interesting information about the plants and animals of the local forests. Watch the life of the birds living in the bird boxes located along the trail and test your stability and dexterity on the fun elements along the trail.


Take a holiday souvenir in the form of a photo from our photopoint. You can find the photopoint at the Bachledka ski slope near the entrance to the Treetops walk.