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For those active

For active people

Nordic walking

Take a walk with poles in hand. Enjoy this popular sport and discover the beauties of nature. Bachledka in cooperation with HUSKY 3 prepared for you 3 routes for Nordic walking of different difficulty, which will lead you through the beauties of Bachledova Valley and Jezersko.

You can rent high quality HUSKY poles in the souvenir shop at the Hotel Bachledka in Bachledova Valley or in Penzión SKI Jezersko for a fee of 3 eur / day. There is also a map available and helpful staff who will quickly teach you the principles of Nordic walking.

Discgolf course (closed)

The path from the Spišská Magura ridge can be very fun and active. All you have to do is rent a discgolf set in the souvenir shop in Bachledova Valley and play a discgofl. Our 9-hole course offers a new and unpretentious kind of entertainment for the whole family. Take the cable car to the hill and go down the Bachledka ski slope to enjoy discgolf. Discgolf is a golf-like sport but instead of golf balls you use flying plates – discs which you try to get into special baskets. The winner is the one who throws the disc into the basket with the least tries. The maps and game rules can be found on the court as well as in every discgolf set. 

Mountain cycling

In the surroundings of Bachledova Valley you can find up to 130 km of mountain bike trails that will take you through the beauties of the local nature. All you have to do is choose the trail (terrain and difficulty). Trails will lead you alongside mountain streams, mountain ridges, hidden lakes and quiet forests. Do you want to try the trail through the ridge of Spišská Magura? If you do not dare to climb, your bike can be comfortably transported by the new cable car.

You can reach Bachledka from the Tatras, Spišská Belá or Ždiar on a bike using the new bike trail. The bike trail leads along the national road no. 66 and will be put into operation this summer.

Football pitch

In Bachledka you will find the highest situated small football field in Slovakia. Playing football with friends at this height is a great experience and fun. You can borrow the ball from the staff in the children’s area (between the cable car exit station and the football pitch).