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Treetop walk from 28.4.2018 open, so you can get there

Treetop walk from 28.4.2018 open, so you can get there
6. April 2018 tomasharcarik

Dear Visitors,

as we already informed, currently is in Bachledka brisk building activity associated with the construction of new cable lift and infrastructure. The new 10-seat cabin lift will transport to treetops this year.

The walkway is open from 28.4.2017 daily from 9am to 5pm and is accessible by walking from the Bachledova valley and Mala Franková.
Construction works are still under way in the Bachledova Valley, please respect building zones and we apologize for the limitations.

prijazd a prakovanie chodnik korunami stromov


Dear Visitors,

weekends and public holidays are busy on the sidewalk to make your visit as comfortable as possible, we have prepared some information for you to plan your trip in Treetops.

1. The sooner you go, the better you park. There is a car park directly in Bachledova dolina, whose capacity is limited due to the ongoing construction. During the weekends it will be filled in the first hour. After its filling, no more cars are left in the valley. You are being diverted to a parking lot.

2. Follow the instructions of the parking and police staff and park at the first place where they will take you. Large parking place is located in the area of ​​Strednica at the end of Ždiar, about 8 km from Bachledka towards Poland. From Strednica parking, shuttle buses run free of charge (approximately every 30 minutes) to Bachledka.

3. If you arrive from Poland, park directly in Strednica if you bring the staff there and do not try to get there directly to the resort. Save time and nerves.

4. Are you coming from Pienin, Zamaguria or do you want to park as close to the Treetop walk? Drive to smaller car parks on the slope of Malá Franková (turn by the church in the middle of the village) where you can get to the pavement quickly and avoid the colonies.

5. We are setting up a new cabin lift with planned opening this year. During construction, the Walking Tree is accessible only by walking tour. The Bachledova Valley is a medium-sized hiking trail through the 1,8 km long forest with an elevation of 300 m. From Little Frank, it’s a less challenging way down the meadow. From Jezersko leads a tourist walk around Lake Jezero, which will lead you to the Treetops  – medium demanding output. We do not recommend crossing slope from Jezersko – it’s steep and hard.

6. The treetop walk is located in in the mountains where the weather is variable and windy. The footpath leading there it is tourist. Please select suitable hiking shoes and clothing.

7. Walking outcomes can be challenging for young children and seniors. Consider or manage the situation. Place small children in the carrier. On the sidewalk, you can translate them into a carriage, which will be donated free of charge. The carrier can be borrowed at the infocentre.

8. Tickets can not be booked in advance or booked. They buy directly at the entrance and pay by card.

9. Plan a 3-hour walk in the crowns with the path up and down.

10. The last ticket sale is an hour for the final, ie at 16:00. You need about 45 minutes to get to the Bachleda sidewalk plus parking, purchase of tickets etc. To make sure you get to the sidewalk, come up sooner.

10. If you choose to walk with the dog, nice aviaries are ready for entry. The dogs themselves or other animals should not go to the pavement itself. / years small dogs, cats, freddy, etc. /

11. We are preparing toboggan for operation this spring. We will inform you about its opening.

We wish a beautiful walk in the trees.