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Would you like your children to ski this winter? Find out when to start.

Would you like your children to ski this winter? Find out when to start.
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Would you like your children to ski this winter? Find out when to start.


When and how to start skiing? There is no universal answer to this question. Just as every child starts to walk at different age, it is the same with skiing. In general, however, the child should start learning how to ski if he or she can coordinate movements, understand commands and cooperate with the instructor. A good sign is, for example, when a child can already ride a bicycle or make a roll. For most children, these activities are manageable at ages around 3-5 years. For some, it is even later. Before you pay for ski lessons and buy outfits, try putting a child on rented skis, for example at grandmother‘s yard, or try ski boots at home. If your child does not like it, wait with the lesson.

Before putting your child on the skis, try to make it a habit

Let your child walk in ski boots or “scooter” with one ski around the house. For children to enjoy skiing, take them on a slope in good weather. Make sure that the child is not hungry, thirsty and is well-dressed. In the case of small children, the first few hours should be fun. Do not over-estimate the time. Children will have enough after one hours of skiing. You can try one hour of skiing in the morning and one in the afternoon. It is also good if there is a place where the children can warm up.

Teach skiing by yourself or pay for a professional instructor?

Being able to ski well does not mean that you will know how to teach your child, too. The beginnings are very important because the relationship with skiing itself is being built the minute a child enters a slope. If a child does not like it the first time, it is hard to persuade them later. Most instructors agree that it is best to get the child the first lessons at the ski school. Choose one that has experienced instructors who have experience in teaching small children. Book them first two lessons with a private instructor. If a child gets accustomed to the process, he or she can join other students. Ski school usually have nice children’s area with conveyors and fairy tale characters. All of that contributes to the psychical well-being of children who are in the process of learning.

What ski to choose?

To begin with, shorter and narrower skis are much more suitable. Try buying adjustable ski boots for children as they can keep up with the growth of your child. If you do not ski often and you are not sure whether your children will enjoy skiing, consider renting the equipment. Good ski resorts feature equipment of all sizes, including helmets. The price for renting the whole equipment is only 17 EUR per day in Bachledka.

Learn together

Would you like to spend time skiing with your children but you do not know how to ski? Take the instructor for yourself as well. Many people start skiing in their adulthood. On the slopes you will meet a lot of people who stand on the ski for the first time. In the ski schools, adults make up half of the clients. It’s never too late to start.