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Jak do nas & parking

How to reach us & parking information

Bachledka resort is located in Bachledova valley Zdiar. The main access to the treetop walk is from the Bachledova Dolina valley (the turn from the main road between Ždiar and Tatranská Kotlina). The way is well marked, watch out for the direction signs that guide tourists to BACHLEDKA Ski & Sun. The access from the village of Malá Franková is also convenient, there is a parking lot directly on the slope of Furmanec (the parking lot can be reached taking a turn at the church).

Arriving from Ždiar, there are parking lots P1-P4, visibly marked with logos, the price: 3 EUR incl. VAT. You receive a bill after paying for parking. The bill also serves as a ticket for shuttle buses. Please note that there are other private parking lots in Ždiar and nearby, however, we are not in a position to influence the parking fees and conditions there.

During weekends and public holidays, it is possible that the treetop walk will be crowded, so as to make your trip as comfortable as possible, we have prepared some information for you to plan your trip.

  1. The sooner you go, the nearer to the treetop walk you park. There is a parking lot P1 and P2 directly in Bachledova Dolina. The capacity is, however, limited to about 150 cars because of the ongoing construction. During the weekends and holidays the parking lots are filled with cars during the first hour after opening. In that case cars are diverted to different parking lots.
  2. Follow the instructions of the parking staff and the police and park on the first spot they guide you to. All our employees have high-visibility clothing with our logo (other people in high-visibility clothing are not our staff and own private parking spaces). Our other parking lot P3 is located on the road to Ždiar on the left side, about 1 km from the P1 car park. Another large parking lot, P4, is located in Strednica, at the end of Ždiar, about 8 km from Bachledka towards Poland. There are shuttle buses between Strednica to Bachledka, the ticket is free as long as you have a parking voucher (every day, leaving approximately every 30 minutes). If you park in a private car park, bus services are to be paid for.
  3. If you come from the road from Poland, please, park in Strednica and do not try to get into the resort. Thus you save everybody‘s time and nerves. You can get from Strednica to Bachledka conveniently by our shuttle buses.
  4. If you come from the road from Pieniny, Zamagurie or if you want to park as close to the treetop walk as possible, please, choose smaller car parks below the slope in Mala Franková (turn at the church in the middle of the village). This way you can get to the treetop walk much quicker.
  5. SAD (Slovak bus operator) on the line Poprad – Ždiar stops at Bachledova Dolina. The stop „Bachledova dolina rázcestie“ is less than one kilometer from the resort. Check your bus connections at
  6. In the winter season, a free ski shuttle bus runs from Ždiar to the resort and back. In the summer season, the shuttle bus runs from the car park in Strednica, Ždiar.

Informacje ogólne

Maksymalna dopuszczalna prędkość

Na terenie wsi 50 km/h
Mimo terenu wsi 90 km/h
Autostrada 130 km/h

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