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gru 13 Juraj Soltys

⛷We are gradually opening the ski season! 🎿

However, you want to be among the first on the slope, we already open for you Bachledka II ski slope

Next weekend we plan to run the slopes Bachledka I, Majstrák and Hrebeň.⛷ During skiing you will refresh yourself directly on the slope in Apres ski La Gamba.🍽

🔴The preparations in Bachledka are running at full speed and we will gradually start skiing in the whole resort. For current info, follow our social networks.

❄️You can still buy the Best Bachledka Season for only € 199 at www.bachledka.sk/e-shop

We look forward to seeing you!

🟡1 – Bachledka I

🟢2 – Bachledka II

🔴3 – Slalomák

🟡4 – Majstrák

🔴5 – Efka I – Free ride

🟡6 – Hrebeň

🔴7 – Furmanec I

🔴8 – Furmanec II