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The contact address for sending mail is: BACHLEDKA Ski & Sun, Ždiar 702, 059 55 Ždiar (This is not the billing address. The billing address is listed in the order you received from us)



Infocentrum BACHLEDKA Ski & Sun, Treetops walk 

Tel:: +421 911 977 455 E-mail: info@bachledka.sk, info@chodnikkorunamistromov.sk

Reception Bachledka 
Tel: +421 910 977 388
E-mail: ubytovanie@bachledka.sk

Gastro facilities, Mgr. Lukáš Gally
Tel: +421 910 977 199



Accounting Ing. Milan Juraška Tel: +421 903 828 468 e-mail: milan.juraska@bachledka.sk


E-shop and online orders Mgr. Anna Bolcarová,  Tel: +421 910 977 499,  e-mail: office@chodnikkorunamistromov.sk



Marketing and media

Michal Rusiňák, Tel: +421 902 905 925, e-mail: michal.rusinak@bachledka.sk



HR Ing. Miroslava Makovská,  Tel: +421 910 977 489 e-mail:


Ski school: Ing. Viliam Juriš,Tel:  +421 908 824 802,  e-mail:  skola@bachledka.sk




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