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White codex

White codex

How to behave on slopes

In order to enjoy skiing to the fullest, it is extremely important to behave on the slopes as not to endanger ourselves and other skiers. All persons on the slopes are obliged to follow the following provisions:

Obligations of skiers on the slope

(1) The person using the slope is required:

a) to act in such a way as not to endanger the life, health or property of others and / or the skiing center;

b) to provide assistance according to their abilities and possibilities in case of injury, to notify immediately the operator of the slope and to stay at the place of accident until the helps arrives pursuant to Art. 8 par. 1, letter d);

c) to fllow the rules of conduct on the ski slope and follow the instructions of the ski slope operator;

(2) Skiers and snowboarders (hereinafter referred to as skiers) are obliged to adapt their skiing manner to the nature and condition of the ski slope and their abilities and take into account other skiers on the ski slope;

(3) if you are skiing behind someone, it is your responsibility to ski around them without causing any danger to them. Keep a safe distance so that the skier in front of you has enough room for manoeuvring;

(4) before starting off or pulling out again after stopping you must look up and down the slope to make sure you have enough room for manoeuvring so as not to endanger yourself or other skiers;

(5) avoid stopping without reason or at narrow enclosed or blind spots of the slope. If you fall, vacate the spot as soon as possible.;

(6) skiers under 15 years of age are obliged to protect their heads with a helmet when being on the slope;

(7) a person organizing an activity on the slope is obliged to ensure that a person under the age of 15 wears high-visibility clothing or high-visibility safety elements;

(8) during opening hours, a person other than a skier may enter the slope and a person who carries out activities pursuant to Article 8, par. 1, letter d) only if the slope operator allows so. Entry to the slope outside opening hours is only possible without the consent of the slope operator.

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