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Panorama Restaurant

Unique architecture hidden in the heart of nature.

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Panoramic restaurant

Delicious food and gorgeous views of Tatras at one place. Enjoy a good lunch with your family, coffee with your partner or a drink with your friends at PANORAMA.

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Out of love and respect for nature

The building sensitively set in the surrounding nature did not forget about the comfort of the children. Children’s corner, chairs, playground and place for changing are a matter of course.

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Wheelchair-friendly access

We want to give access to delicious food with a breathtaking view of the Tatras to everybody. The whole building is therefore wheelchair accessible.

Panorama Bachledka

Food and drinks

Try the specialities of Ždiar and Zamagurie.
Every day we prepare fresh goodies from local ingredients. Is there any better taste than fresh fruits straight from the forest? Any better taste than fresh local meat? Products prepared from sheep milk and cows grazing on the mountain meadows?  Come and taste all these topped with herbs sprinkled with morning dew and touched by the mountain sun.

Welcome to Bachledka.

Panorama Bachledka

Unique architecture hidden in the heart of nature

PANORAMA Bachledka is the work of the well-known architectural studio Compass The studio decided to position Panorama Bachledka in its surrounding in a way so as not to interfere with the magnificent view of the Belianske Tatras, from the top of Spišská Magura. Instead of designing a multi-storey building, the architects decided to hide the building into a slope, cover it with a green walkable roof and offer a view of the Tatra nature by visitors from every place in the restaurant and café.

  • The main idea behind the design was to provide a view of the Belianske Tatras from all key places: from the top of the hill, from within the restaurant and from the outside terraces.

    Matej Grébert
    Matej Grébert
  • At the same time, we wanted to create exterior and interior spaces that one would not perceive as a building but as part of the surroundings.

    Roman Janata
    Roman Janata

Panorama Bachledka

With respect for traditions, with love for nature

Nature is our greatest inspiration, a place to relax and to experience important moments
with family and friends.

In PANORAMA Bachledka we tried to project our enthusiasm for nature on its visitors. Natural materials and color shades can be found inside and outside the building. We mainly worked with wood typical for this locality, folklore patterns and natural materials. The children’s corner and enviro-classroom are also inspired by the forest. You will be introduced to the history of Gorals in the corridors and other areas of the building.

Panorama Bachledka

PANORAMA Bachledka features

The panoramic self-service restaurant offers 200 seats inside and a sun terrace with 300 more seats. The restaurant is wheelchair-accessible with the facilities for children and families.

There is also a café-bar, a souvenir shop, a lounge and an environmental classroom.

Panorama Bachledka

for children and families

We know how difficult a trip with small children can be.
In PANORAMA Bachledka we thought about every detail that could make your family trip easier. In the restaurant you will find children chairs, a children’s corner inspired by nature, a changing place, baby holders in toilets and other amenities that will make your visit with children more pleasant. Our staff will be happy to warm up your baby food, so do not hesitate and ask them. Near the restaurant you will find playgrounds and various attractions for the whole family.

Panorama Bachledka


In PANORAMA Bachledka we strive to achieve the highest ecological standard. We will be grateful if you not only understand us, but even support us.


  • We do not use plastic straws.
  • We do not use disposable plastic packaging. If you want a coffee or water to go, you will find several cups, jars and bottles for reuse.
  • We separate waste. In the restaurant and throughout the complex you will find waste bins for sorted waste. We kindly ask you to separate the waste properly.
  • We buy from local producers. Most of our suppliers are local, so we do not burden nature with CO2 caused by transport of goods from distant places.
  • We consume as little energy as possible. The heat produced by cooling is used for heating. Our buildings were built from materials with good insulating ability and suitably positioned, so that our heating consumption is as little as possible.
  • We save water and paper. When you visit the toilets, you will notice not only the water-saving faucet, but also the urinals working without water. Dry your hands comfortably with an intense stream of air as we do not use paper towels.

Panorama Bachledka

Experience that will stay with you forever- marriage, celebration, company party or conference in Restaurat PANORAMA

Do you plan any event, family celebration, conference, company party or  event Your marriage? 👰🏻🤵🏼 But you still didn´t find the right place? It´s not a problem anymore. We offer you our new and beautiful restaurant PANORAMA with the capacity of 220 persons. Right in the middle of the nature with the view of Belianske Tatras. We wish you the best and unforgettable marriage, party, conference or any event you are planning. Let´s make it special! All the offers you can check below (slovak language)


Opening hours


April – May 9.00 AM – 5:00 PM
June – September 9.00 AM – 7:00 PM
October 9.00 AM – 5:00 PM
November – March 9.00 AM – 4:00 PM

Contact details and bookings

+421 910 977 199
Head of the team PANORAMA Bachledka:
Peter Nemešany

PANORAMA Bachledka

PANORAMA Bachledka can be found at the Gondola Bachledka cablecar exit at the Tree Tops Walkway. It is accessible by cablecar from Bachledova Valley or by an hour-long walking tour from Bachledova Valley, Jezersko or Malá Franková.

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