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Ski Courses for Schools


Enjoy the ski course in Bachledka comfortably and with new experiences.

A ski course can be fun, and not only for children. Everyone will enjoy the skiing course in Bachledka. The all-season snow guarantee ensures that the course can be held after 9/1/2023 at any time during the winter season. Lessons take place on artificially snowed slopes with a total length of up to 6 km, which provides enough space for training. In the resort, you will find pistes of all difficulty levels, which will make the course interesting not only for beginners but also for advanced skiers. A 10-seater cabin lift, a 4-seat Jezersko lift, and 6 ski lifts will serve visitors for comfortable transportation.

Gorgy’s ski school on the slope Hreben has two conveyor belts (24 and 100 m), various elements for playful skiing, and the modern methodical procedures of professional instructors. Teaching is complemented by entertainment in the form of snow tubing, a mini carousel, or mini-sledding. Outside the area of the ski school, there is also a 2.5 km long sledding track with natural snow.

The second ski school training area is located near the parking lot in Bachledová dolina, and its advantage is that you can reach it on foot from the parking, which is especially appreciated by complete beginners.

Other attractions await you, such as the Treetop walk. There is also a fully equipped ski rental and professional instructors. Access to the resort is possible from three different sides: Ždiar – Bachledova dolina, Jezersko, or Malá Franková.

Course date: the price for ski courses is valid from January 9, 2023.

Ski pass: ski course participants are issued ski passes for the entire duration of the stay for the entire group at once. It must be 5 consecutive days –  Monday to Friday. The deposit for each ski pass is €2 and is paid in cash when picking up the ski passes. The ski pass is non-transferable.

Group size: a group consists of at least 10 students. For 10 students, it is necessary to provide one instructor/pedagogue, who is provided with a free ski pass.

In the case of a kindergarten, the min. number of 6 students per group and a maximum of 8, due to a better approach to teaching.

Teachers/Instructors are entitled to a free ski pass by the rule: 1 free ski pass for teacher on 10 students. Beyond this limit teachers purchase a ski pass according to the valid price list.

Rental service. The price for a ski set includes skis, ski boots, poles and a helmet or snowboard, boots, and helmet. The number of ski sets is announced by the school in advance together with the number of students. The form is available on the website.

Storage room. Skis can be stored in the resort free of charge, but only at your own risk.

Ski bus. If the school wants to use the ski bus service, it reports this in the form together with the registration of the ski course, along with the address of the accommodation and the time of departure. The ski bus service will be priced according to the distance and number of people. It is paid together with ski passes and for the entire ski training.

Payment for the course. When ordering a ski course, the school will indicate whether it will pay for the course in cash when picking up the ski passes or by invoice after the course ends. The invoice will be sent to the school by mail with a maturity of 14 days from its issuance.

Prices. The prices shown in the price list below apply for the 2022/23 season. The center reserves the right to change prices and conditions for this product.

Registration of a ski course. The school is obliged to report the ski course no later than 10 days in advance by sending the order and the completed form for the ski course, or using its own form. The application must contain a list of students and instructors, the date of the course, the school’s identification data, the services the school is interested in, the school’s stamp, the school director’s signature and the method of payment. Please send the ski course order by e-mail to the address info@bachledka.sk.

Security. Course participants are required to follow the safety instructions – the White Codex, and wear a reflective vest and a helmet.




Ski courses price list 2022/2023


elementary school


high school



Skipas 10 € pers./day 10 € pers./day 12 € pers./day
Lunch 8 € pers./day 8 € pers./day 8 € pers./day
Skiset 9 € pers./day 9 € pers./day 9 € pers./day





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