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Slopes and Lifts

Slopes and Lifts

Current status of slopes and ski lifts

Bachledka Ski & Sun is a winter paradise for the whole family. This season we have prepared  a big surprise for the little ones – the biggest winter kid´s playful area with skischool. You can find it on the skislope Hrebeň. In addition to fairy tale ski slopes for beginners, the area also features a large ski school that offers both individual and group lessons. The school uses modern teaching methods to make learning by playing. We offer even a babysitting service – you can bring you kids in our Snowcamp and let your kids have fun. There are atractions like mini bobsled track, ski carousel, snowtubing, indoor kid´s corner and more.

This season is full of surprises! We have introduced our 10-seat Gondola Bachledka cablecar which will take you from the bottom of the Bachledova Valley to Spišská Magura in just under 7 minutes. There is also a four-seater chairlift Jezersko and 5 ski lifts that interconnect three skiing valleys.

Ski resort Bachledka Ski & Sun offers visitors 8 km of ski slopes of all types of difficulty, including “free ride” parts. During the season, 6 km of slopes are snow-covered and well-cared for.

Name Type Length Capacity Operation
A – Gondola Bachledka ikona-vlek 1519 m 1734 person/hr. In service
B – Tatralift 4-sedačka ikona-zjazdovka 850 m 2400 person/hr. Out of service
D – Tatrapoma F12 ikona-vlek 280 m 650  person/hr. Out of service
E – Tatrapoma FP12 ikona-vlek 450 m 650 person/hr. Out of service
G – Tatrapoma P ikona-vlek 180 m 460 person/hr. Out of service
H – Detský areál ikona-vlek 100 m 50 person/hr. Out of service
J – Double Max ikona-vlek 1090 m 1200 person/hr. Out of service
Name Difficulty Condition Elevation Length Operation Snow height
1 – Bachledka I zjazdovka_lahka ikonka-sneh 255 m 1830 m Closed
2 – Bachledka II zjazdovka_lahka  ikonka-snehosvetlenie 45 m 270 m Closed
3 – Slalomák zjazdovka_tazka  ikonka-sneh 310 m 950 m Closed
4 – Majstrák zjazdovka_stredna  ikonka-sneh 310 m 1140 m Closed
7 – Hrebeň zjazdovka_lahka  ikonka-sneh 180 m 800 m Closed
8 – Furmanec I zjazdovka_stredna  ikonka-sneh 235 m 1100 m Closed
9 – Furmanec II zjazdovka_stredna 235 m 1380 m Closed
5 – Efka I – Free ride zjazdovka_tazka 205 m 650 m Closed
6 – Efka II – Free ride zjazdovka_tazka 205 m 650 m Closed

zjazdovka_lahka easy   zjazdovka_strednelahkamedium light   zjazdovka_strednamedium   zjazdovka_stredne_tazkamedium to difficult   zjazdovka_tazkadifficult   zjazdovka_stredne_tazka artificial snow   zjazdovka_tazka illuminated

Bachledka I, II

Furmanec I




Current status of cross-country trails

Ski resort Bachledka Ski & Sun offers two 20 km long cross-country tracks which are, however, not covered by artificial snow. In the case snow is deep enough, cross-country tracks are groomed by a snowcat once a week.

Name Length Groomed length State of the track
1a – Hrebeň I (Príslop) 7 +7 km Untreated
2a – Hrebeň II (Bukovina) 3 + 3 km Untreated

Current state of the Bobsled track

Name Length Groomed length State of the track
Bobsled track 2,5 km 2,5 km Closed