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Slopes and Lifts

Slopes and Lifts

Current status of slopes and ski lifts

Bachledka Ski & Sun is a family winter paradise.

Fenced area Bachledka “Kid’s World” offers the largest ski school in the area – Gorgy’s ski school and entertainment in the form of snow tubing, mini sledding, mini carousel and indoor play area. Your children will learn to ski easily and playfully by our professional instructors. The ski school contains 2 conveyor ski belts (24m and 100m), a route built of fairy tale characters, and other fun methodological aids for the little ones so that skiing becomes fun for everyone. You can choose lessons individually or in groups. This large children’s area is located on the Hrebeň ski slope. The second ski school area is located near La Gamba restaurant in Bachledova valley near the parking lot. It has also a moving ski belt, fairy tale characters, and an indoor play area.

With our 10-seater Bachledka cable car, you can reach the top of the resort from Bachledova valley in just 6 minutes comfortably, safely, dry, and without wind.  More able skiers can also use the 4-seater cable car Jezersko and another 6 ski lifts, which guarantee skiing in three interconnected valleys. The beginners will prefer the sunny blue ski slopes Hreben and Bachledka I and II.

Bachledka Ski & Sun Ski Resort offers visitors up to 8.5 km of slopes of all types of difficulty. Lovers of modified Manchester will find something to their liking, but also those who are attracted by “freeride”. During the season, a total of 6 km of slopes are covered with snow and groomed. A winter holiday in Bachledke offers comfort for everyone.

The panoramic restaurant Panorama will solve all the expectations of a happy trip. PANORAMA offers not only a gastronomic experience but also cultural, leisure, and educational spaces for environmental education, a souvenir, and regional specialties shop, and a café with a bar. The restaurant building, like several other parts of the resort, is barrier-free. We also think of families for whom there is a children’s corner inspired by nature and complete facilities in a baby-friendly standard.

In the resort center in Bachledova valley, you can find all services you need – ski rental, ski service, sled rental, sport and souvenir shop, info office, and others.

Name Length Type Capacity State
A – Gondola Bachledka Typ 1734 person/hr. 1519 m In service
B – Tatralift 4-sedačka Typ 2400 person/hr. 850 m Out of service
D – Tatrapoma F12 Typ 650 person/hr. 280 m Out of service
E – Tatrapoma FP12 Typ 650 person/hr. 450 m Out of service
G – Tatrapoma P Typ 460 person/hr. 180 m Out of service
H – Detský areál Typ 50 person/hr. 100 m Out of service
I – Tatrapoma H-100 Typ 900 person/hr. 920 m Out of service
J – Double Max Typ 1200 person/hr. 1090 m Out of service
K – Detský dopravníkový pás Typ person/hr. 10 m Out of service
L – Detský dopravníkový pás Typ person/hr. 20 m Out of service
Name Length Difficulty Condition Elevation Snow height State
1 – Bachledka I Obtiaznost 255 m cm 1830 m Out of service
2 – Bachledka II Obtiaznost 45 m cm 270 m Out of service
3 – Slalomák Obtiaznost 310 m cm 950 m Out of service
4 – Majstrák Obtiaznost 310 m cm 1140 m Out of service
5 – TC O&V Krajňáka Obtiaznost 212 m cm 920 m Out of service
6 – Hrebeň Obtiaznost 180 m cm 800 m Out of service
7 – Furmanec I Obtiaznost 235 m cm 1100 m Out of service
8 – Furmanec II Obtiaznost 235 m cm 1380 m Out of service

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Bachledka I, II

Furmanec I




Current status of cross-country trails

Ski resort Bachledka Ski & Sun offers two 20 km long cross-country tracks which are, however, not covered by artificial snow. In the case snow is deep enough, cross-country tracks are groomed by a snowcat once a week.

Name Length Groomed length State
1a – Hrebeň I (Príslop) 7 +7 km Closed
2a – Hrebeň II (Bukovina) 3 + 3 km Closed

Current state of the Bobsled track

Name Length Groomed length State
Sánkarská trať 2,5 km 2,5 km Out of service

Current state of the skialp trat

Name Length Elevation State
Bachledova dolina 2km 254 m Out of service
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