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Enjoy the winter in Bachledka

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Leto na Chodníku korunami stromov Bachledka

Leto na Chodníku korunami stromov Bachledka

V Bachledke zažijete tento rok magické leto. Pozorovanie života lesa z korún stromov bude obohatené…



Aj Bachledka je LEGENDARIUM! Cestuj, zbieraj nálepky a vyhraj ceny pre celú rodinu! Opäť je tu leto…

Bachledka na dvoch kolesách I.

Bachledka na dvoch kolesách I.

Ako chutí výlet, keď sa spojí bicyklovanie, turistika, adrenalín, vzdelávanie o faune a flóre, výhľady z vtáčej…

Life in Bachledka

Bachledka BLOG

Are you interested in the information about the resort, news, events and their preparation, or are you looking for some holiday tips? Read about them on our blog.


1 skipass = 14 centers, member of TATRY SUPER SKI Group

Today on the slope

How does it look today on the ski slopes? Check out the current situation on slopes, cableways and weather.

Today’s lunch

What does your belly crave during a skiing trip? Check out the current menu of restaurants and bistros in the resort.


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The resort
Bachledka Ski & Sun

Would you like to visit us? Are you already here but not sure where to go? Our resort is full of attractions, slopes and various facilities.

All necessary information can be found on the next sub page.

Attractions and services

Treetop walk, Bachledka

Have a look at the snowy landscape from a new perspective. Take a walk among the tree tops with your family, friends or just by yourself.

Gondola Bachledka

Reach the slope or tree tops in just under 7 minutes. Try our new chairlift!

Gorgy’s ski school

Ski lessons can be fun. Visit Grogy’s ski school on the Hrebeň slope or book your lesson online.

Rent your gear

If you are a beginner or you travel from afar, you do not have to bring your gear with you all along. Check out our rental services at the ski resort’s rental section.

Your experience, your Bachledka