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How to reach us & parking

How to reach us & parking

How to reach us

From Tatry
The main entry point to BACHLEDKA Ski & Sun is from Bachledova Valley (Bachledova Valley 702, Ždiar). It is a turn from the state road no. 66 between Ždiar and Tatranská Kotlina. The road is well marked, follow the information boards. In Bachledova Valley there is a boarding station of the cable car Gondola Bachledka. The cable car from Bachledova Valley is fast and provides for a comfortable ride. Gondola will take you to the Treetops walk conveniently in 7 minutes. 

From Zamagurie a Pieniny
From Malá Franková (from Červený Kláštor, Niedzice), where the parking lot is located directly below the slope, you can reach the Treetops walk taking a nice hike on a 1.4 km long dirt road up a hill with an elevation of 250 m. Take the road from the church in the center of the village to reach the parking lot.

From Jezersko
From Jezersko, where the parking lots are located directly below the slope and at the Penzión SKI Jezersko, you can reach the Treetops walk either taking a steep slope or the hiking trail around Jezerské Lake. We recommend a trip around Jezerská Lake, which is less demanding and more attractive. The way around Jezerské Lake is about 4 km long. We do not recommend it to people with poor fitness and little children.



During weekends and public holidays, Bachledka Ski & Sun and Treetops walk are pretty busy. To make your visit as comfortable as possible, we have prepared some information for you…

  1. Bachledka has the following parking lots:
  • P1, P2 in Bachledova Valley with a capacity of around 1,000 parking spaces.
  • P3 Belské, on the left side of the main road to Ždiar behind the turn to Bachledová (we would like to inform you that there are other private parking places in Ždiar and its vicinity. However, the fees at such parking lots are beyond our control). There is a shuttle service from the parking lot.
  • P4 Ždiar Strednica, which is used when other parking lots in Bachledová Valley are full. The parking lot is located at the end of the village of Ždiar and there is a shuttle service.
  • P5 – Malá Franková (right next to the ski slope).
  • P6 –P6 –Jezersko (right next to the ski slope).
  1. During the open hours, the P1 – P4 parking lots charged EUR 5 per day per vehicle or 10€ per bus.

Let us give you a few tips:

    1. The sooner you go, the nearer you park. Directly in Bachledova Valley, there is a parking lots P1 and P2, the capacity of which is approximately 1,000 parking spaces. On weekends and holidays, the parking lot fills pretty quickly (in the morning). After every parking space is taken, no more cars are allowed into the valley. The cars are diverted to other parking lots.
    2. Follow the instructions of the parking staff and the police and park on the first spot they guide you to. All our employees have high-visibility clothing with our logo (other people in high-visibility clothing are not our staff and own private parking spaces). Our other parking lot P3 is located on the road to Ždiar on the left side, about 2 km from the resort. There are shuttle buses between Strednica to Bachledka – SKIBUS every 20-30 minutes. The parking lot P4 in the area of Strednica at the end of Ždiar is not currently under our operation.
    3. If you are coming from the side of Zamagurie and want to go hiking, go to the parking lot in Malá Franková. From there you can reach the Treetops conveniently (if your stamina is good).
    4. If you are on holiday in Ždiar or Jezersko, leave your car where it is and use our shuttle service – SKIBUS Bachledka.
    5. SAD (Slovak bus operator) on the line Poprad – Ždiar stops at Bachledova Dolina. The stop „Bachledova dolina rázcestie“ is less than one kilometer from the resort. Check your bus connections at www.cp.sk.

Important information

Allowed speed limit

Municipality: 50 km/h
Outside the municipality: 90 km/h
Highway: 130 km/h

Alcohol limit: 0.00 prom
Keep in mind that you need an electronic toll sticker on highways and express roads! More info.

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