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Sledding price list

Sledding in Bachledka – a great experience and fun!

Sleds are for 1-2 people, wooden, solid, new, and without a backrest. (We do not have a sled with a backrest for small children available).

You can rent them in the ski school building, to the right of the exit from the cable car at the start of the sledding track. Also at the contact point of the ski school on the pedestrian zone in Bachledova dolina, where you can the sleds also return.

The cabin cable car from Bachledova dolina to the top of Spišská Magura serves for the transport. The sledding track is 2.5 km long and starts on the right side of the cable car exit and ends at the parking lot in Bachledova dolina. You can also go sledding in Gorgy’s FUN zone behind the Aprés ski restaurant La Gamba in Bachledova dolina.

You can find more information about sledding in Bachledka here.

If sledding is in operation you can check here.

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Type of service Cable car ticket Sled rental
 1  ride 11,00 €/person  9, 00 €/sled
2 hours  15,00 €/person  12,00 €/sled
4 hours 17,00 €/person  14,00 €/sled

*The ticket for the Cable car is only valid for the “Gondola Bachledka” cable car.

  • The price is in currency (€) including tax.
  • Holders of the 1-day and multi-day Tatry Super Ski-pass have the cable car included in the price of the ski pass, they just need to purchase a ticket for the Treetop walks or rent a sled.
  • The ski pass is non-transferable
  • more information can be found on the website: here


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