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The Treetop Walk

Discover the Tatras from the tree trunks

The Treetop walk Bachledka is situated at the ridge of Spišská Magura, the border of Pieniny and Tatra National Park. A mild climb will safely take you from the ground up to a height of 24 meters directly to the treetops. We’ll show you why the local nature is so unique. You’ll become a part of the forest life and meet many animals and plants that are rare to find. The path with a length of more than 1,234 meters will take you through a variety of wild forests where various surprises and information are waiting for you. The panoramic views from the 32-meter high tower will surely take your breath away – Belianske Tatras, Pieniny and picturesque Zamagurie. The Treetop walk is fun for children, teenagers as well as adults. A new chairlift will conveniently take you to the Treetop walk, and the walk itself is a barrier-free attraction (6% elevation). However, if the walk around the Treetop walk is difficult for you for health reasons, you can borrow a wheelchair for free and enjoy the Treetop walk conveniently. The Treetop walk is open all year round.

Families with children

For young visitors there are two playgrounds in front of the area. Forest animals have prepared various tasks and activities for curious children to make their walk more interesting. For those children who can get tired easily or for the smallest ones we have prepared yet another surprise! Parents can borrow a baby carriage at the gift shop free of charge. Baby carriages are available free of charge at the Ticket office at the entrance to the Treetop walk. More info on the rental here.

Educational programme

Uprostred krásnych lesov Vám predstavíme radu chránených živočíchov a rastlín, spoznáte jedinečnosť tejto lokality i následky ničivej sily počasia. Ak sa chcete o prírode Spišskej Magury dozvedieť viac, pripravili sme pre Vás niekoľko programov zameraných na spoznávanie prírody, pozorovanie vtáctva, či objavovanie liečivých pokladov lúk Zamaguria. Sprievodcov Vám budú robiť tí najpovolanejší – pracovníci Pieninského národného parku. More information here.

Adrenaline stops and a toboggan

During your trip among the treetops you can stop at two adrenaline sites. Those who dare can try to maintain their balance over a seemingly dangerous gap. All the attractions are totally safe! At the top of the 32 meters-high tower your heart will skip a beat thanks to the walk through the walking net. Enjoy a fun ride on a 67 meters-long dry slide that will shorten your journey down to a few seconds. The toboggan is closed during the winter season. More information and news here: www.chodnikkorunamistromov.sk