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Ski school price list

Ski school Bachledka SKI & SUN 23/24

Gorgyho lyžiarska škola SKI & SUN 23/24


Individual lessons 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days
1 lesson 36,00€ 68,00€ 99,00€ 130,00€ 160,00€ 190,00€
2 lessons 68,00€ 130,00€ 190,00€ 255,00€ 315,00€ 380,00€
3 lessons 99,00€ 190,00€ 285,00€ 380,00€ 470,00€ 560,00€
4 lessons 130,00€ 255,00€ 380,00€ 505,00€ 620,00€ 750,00€


Group lesson(3 to 5 people) * per person
2 x lesson/day 35,00€
4 x lessons/day 58,00€
6 x lessons/day 87,00€

*if you are interested in a group lesson, please call the school and find out what time the group lesson of your level is scheduled on the day of your choice.

The duration of the ski lesson is 50 minutes.


Use the services of our ski school. We will teach you how to ski easily, playfully and well.

Don´t wait for a free instructor and book a lesson at +421 910 977 399, or book online.

More information about ski school can be found here.


Price list notes and ski school conditions

Ski lessons can be ordered by phone at + 421 910 977 399 or by e-mail at skola@bachledka.sk. Also in person at the ski school kiosk.

You can cancel or reschedule the lesson within 24 hours. before it starts by phone or e-mail.

Teaching takes place primarily in the upper area of the ski school on top of Spišská Magura, which is larger than those down by the parking lot. Access to the school grounds is by cable car from Bachledova dolina.

If the lesson takes place in the upper area of the ski school, the school student and his companion/parents (max. 2 adults) are entitled to two-way transport via the cable car free of charge. Tickets for the cable car will be provided in the info office, where the staff can see the school’s reservation calendar.

The student is obliged to be in the ski school area, dressed and in ski equipment with skis at least 5 minutes before the start of the class. Late arrival is counted in the ski lesson time.

In order to comfortably catch the lesson, we recommend arriving at the center at least 30 min. in advance (time for parking, clothing, picking up tickets and transfer by cable car). If you rent ski equipment min. 60 min. in advance.

If a ski school student is a beginner and only skis on school premises and uses the conveyor belt, he does not need a ski pass. If he also uses other transport facilities in the resort – cable cars and lifts, he must purchase a ski pass. Ski school students are entitled to a 20% discount on a 4-hour ski pass according to the current price list.

The ski school has an indoor area with a children’s corner, where children can warm up after the lesson, play and wait for their parents to pick them up.

Teaching can take place in Slovak, Polish, English, German, Spanish, Russian or Ukrainian, or with the basics of the Hungarian language.

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