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Goral Folklore Festival

Goral Folklore Festival

11.-13. August

The Goral Folklore Festival in Ždiar was created as an event to preserve and present traditional Goral culture, customs, traditions and crafts. A place where many friends and acquaintances meet for good music, dancing and food. This year it will be the 27th year and until its creation have gained popularity and prestige not only in Slovakia but also abroad.

The festivities offer the opportunity to get to know various highland customs and traditions, such as shepherd games or traditional crafts and the way of life in the inhospitable conditions of the mountains. Enchanted by its environment directly under the Treetop Walkway at an altitude of up to 1200 m above sea level in the Bachledka resort with an unrepeatable view of the Belianske Tatras, this event has a unique character.

You can look forward to a rich programme. Peter Bič Project and Štefan Štec, Iconico, Sima Magušinová and other well-known artists will perform on the stage with unforgettable views. For the little ones there are performances by Paci Pac, Spievankovo, Fíha Tralala and a rich accompanying programme.

During the colourful accompanying programme you will see the making of beautiful Zdiar hats and a wedding party. Jozef Pitoňák will show the production of the Ždiary walaska-čupaga, but we will also have a look into the secrets of the production of wooden shingles and troughs. Do not miss the craftsman, musician and titled expert of Ždiar history Jozef Bachleda, a member of the group Plickovci Ždiar, who will introduce the production of the most valuable part of the Ždiar costume – serdok, Ždiar woolen slippers, sukmana, or kurta. Everyone who comes to Bachledka will experience the production of rakes, leather wristbands, or socialist hats. We will reveal the secrets of the production of Ždiary suede trousers, and the embroidery of Ždiary shirts, whether it is the old Carpathian cross-stitch embroidery or the embroidery of poppies on men’s linen shirts and much more, will surely be of interest as well.

In the programme you will also experience Goral folklore performances by local as well as foreign ensembles. And the highlight of the whole event will be the performance of the professional Slovak folk art group SĽUK.


Friday we have Fíha Tralala, Šiši day with Turbi and Turbo, Góralska Beskid, Future Folk, SĽUK and Magical Headlands.

On Saturday, a rich program is prepared for you in the form of Paci Pac, Spievankovo, Sima Magušinová, ICONITO, Peter Bič Project and Štefan Štec.

Sunday belongs to local teams such as DFS Ždiaranček, DFS Goralík, FSK Maguranka Spišská Stará Ves, “Małe Regle” from Poronin, FSk Ślebodni, FS Ľubovňan, Zespół Regionalny Mystkowianie, ĽH Mladý Heligón, FSK Goral, FS Vagonár and there will also be no missing the holy mass .


You can buy tickets at predpredaj.sk or at the venue.

During the festival, only tickets with the festival will be valid, which means that it is not possible to purchase individual or group entrances to the Treetop Walk.

Also, during the festival, you cannot use vouchers or gift vouchers that do not include entrance to the festival.


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