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Ski pistes and lifts

Current status of cableway, lifts and ski slopes

Dear lovers of snow and winter sports,
the resort Bachledka Ski and Sun is closed from 5th Nov 2018 due to the pre-seasonal preparation and contruction works.  You can enjoy a ride by the new 10-seats cabin cableway this year already! We will inform you about opening of the winter season 2018/2019 soon.
We are looking forward to you!


Title Type Lenght Capacity Operation
A Gondola Bachledka ikona-vlek 1519 m 1734 os./hod. Out of service
B Tatralift 4-sedačka ikona-zjazdovka 850 m 2400 os./hod. Out of service
D Tatrapoma F12 ikona-vlek 280 m 650  os./hod. Out of service
E Tatrapoma FP12 ikona-vlek 450 m 650 os./hod. Out of service
G Tatrapoma P ikona-vlek 180 m 460 os./hod. Out of service
H Detský areál ikona-vlek 100 m 50 os./hod. Out of service
J Double Max ikona-vlek 1090 m 1200 os./hod. Out of service

Current status pistes

Title Difficulty Conditions Camber Length Operation Snow depth
1 Bachledka I zjazdovka_lahka ikonka-sneh 255 m 1830 m Closed
2 Bachledka II zjazdovka_lahka  ikonka-snehosvetlenie 45 m 270 m Closed
3 Slalomák zjazdovka_tazka  ikonka-sneh 310 m 950 m Closed
4 Majstrák zjazdovka_stredna  ikonka-sneh 310 m 1140 m Closed
7 Hrebeň zjazdovka_lahka  ikonka-sneh 180 m 800 m Closed
8 Furmanec I zjazdovka_stredna  ikonka-sneh 235 m 1100 m Closed
9 Furmanec II zjazdovka_stredna 235 m 1380 m Closed
 5 Efka I – Free ride zjazdovka_tazka 205 m 650 m Closed
6 Efka II – Free ride zjazdovka_tazka 205 m 650 m Closed


zjazdovka_lahka easy    zjazdovka_strednelahkamedium light    zjazdovka_strednamedium    zjazdovka_stredne_tazkamoderate    zjazdovka_tazkasevere    zjazdovka_stredne_tazka snowmaking    zjazdovka_tazka lighting

Current status of cross-country trails

Title Length Adjusted length Going
1 Hrebeň I (Príslop) 7 +7 km Untreated
2 Hrebeň II (Bukovina) 3 + 3 km Untreated