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Aj my sme LEGENDÁRIUM 2024

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Families with children set out on an adventurous expedition in the Prešov region


PREŠOV, June 14, 2024 – The ninth edition of the summer travel competition Legendarium has started in the Prešov region. The project, aimed at promoting tourism, presents various travel tips in an entertaining way. This year, 17 safes with competition stickers are placed in nature, and the public can collect competition stamps at 77 facilities.


Legendarium has been an integral part of summer in the Prešov region for nine years. Every year, it is prepared by the Regional Tourism Organization of North-East Slovakia. The fun travel experience for families with children started on June 14 and will last until September 8, 2024.


Legendarium is a project we created to support tourism and the use of services in this segment. Each trip combines natural locations and various facilities that provide experiences and programs for families with children. This increases the number of visitors in the region, extends the length of stays, and supports a wide range of related services. We are pleased that a large number of facilities join the project each year, collectively presenting the diversity of the Prešov region,” said Martin Janoško, director of KOCR North-East Slovakia.


Travelers can find specific trip tips on the website www.legendarium.info and in the brochure Legendarium – Adventurous Expedition. Brochures can be obtained at participating facilities as a gift with admission or at tourist information centers in the Prešov region. On all trips, children’s tourists are accompanied by stories about local legends. In 17 natural locations, safes are hidden with competition stickers. Children can find them playfully thanks to clues. Additionally, they can collect 40 types of competition stamps by visiting 77 facilities, such as museums, castles, swimming pools, tourist centers, amusement parks, and more. In selected facilities, there are also competition tasks for children to make the tour more enjoyable.


Children receive rewards for collected stickers and stamps during the summer. At the end, there is a drawing for valuable prizes.


Last year, according to official statistics, more than 3,300 children from all over Slovakia and abroad participated in the competition. Children sent more than 35,700 competition slips to the final drawing.


Attractive locations

The project covers the entire Prešov region. In Bardejov and its surroundings, the knight Roland accompanies children to the relaxation zone with a treehouse at Sedlo Čerešňa. In Poloniny, selected locations include the trail Under the Dark Sky in Nova Sedlica. Legendarium participants can also discover the new lookout tower at Údol (Stará Ľubovňa district), the viewpoint above the village of Matiašovce with views of the Pieniny Mountains, or the educational trail near Blajzloch Lake on the edge of Slovak Paradise. KOCR North-East Slovakia marked trails to two remarkable locationsDúpna Cave in the Humenné district and Veterná diera above the village of Mirkovce near Prešov. Summer novelties include the train Hámorská mašinka Máša in Zemplínské Hámre, the World War I Exhibition in Veľkrop, the newly opened museum in Spišská Teplica, or the Sunday tours of the manor house in Spišský Hrhov.

Families with children can also enjoy searching for safes on three fairy tale trails – the Mysterious Forest of Krakovec (Jakovany), the Valley of Giants (Hermanovce nad Topľou), and the Path of the Dwarf Mikluš (Miklušovce).


Our facility is participating in the LEGENDARIUM 2024 – ADVENTUROUS EXPEDITION campaign

Legendary heroes bring you this year’s ADVENTUROUS EXPEDITION around the Prešov region. You will visit beautiful and mysterious locations, places full of stories, and nooks and crannies you won’t want to leave.

Additionally, you can compete for great prizes in the final drawing




  1. Get the Legendarium – Adventurous Expedition brochure

You can get the brochure with the first competition stamp at the facilities giving out competition stamps. In the brochure, you will collect competition stickers and stamps. You can find the stamp and brochure at our facility too!


Collect competition stamps by visiting facilities (attractions, museums, swimming pools, castles, zoos, ranches…).

You can collect up to 40 different stamps at 80 facilities. If an entry fee or consumption is required at a facility, you will receive the stamp after paying this fee. Stamps are stamped in the brochure on page 39.

You will find the stamp named Belianky at our facility



Based on clues in the brochure/on the website, you will find safes in 15 locations. The safes are always placed in nature and contain competition stickers. Each sticker in the safe consists of two parts. Stick the competition slip from the sticker in the designated place in the brochure on page 38.

In our location, you will be accompanied by Anička from Matiašovce






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