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Gift Shop


In addition to a nice experience and memories, bring a small souvenir from your trip


There are several souvenir shops in Bachledka, from where you can bring a nice gift. It will please not only you but also your family and friends. The offer is carefully compiled so that children, adults and seniors can find a nice souvenir. The store´s merchandise consists mainly of products made out of natural materials, ecological souvenirs, and local products. The offer is complemented by clothing and sports accessories, as well as various toys and children´s products. We also think of products that you may need or may have forgotten, such as raincoats, umbrellas, sunscreens, hats, gloves, or windbreakers.

You can find our souvenir shops in:

PANORAMA Bachledka object, at the exit of the Treetop walk,

in the pedestrian zone by the cable car entrance in Bachledova valley,

at the entrance of the Forest Kingdom Bachledka.

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