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Who would not want to take a nice souvenir or a local products home from the trip? You can shop in the following shops:

BACHLEDKA Sports Shop and Ski Rental

You can find the ski rental and sporting goods shop in the building of the infocentre in Bachledova Valley. Experienced staff will be happy to advise you on choosing the right ski, sportswear and accessories. The shop features goods of world and local brands as well as small souvenirs.

Souvenirs Bachledka

The souvenir stand is located at the Gondola Bachledka boarding station and is full of toys and little things that will please every family member.

Souvenirs Treetops walk

The souvenir shop Treetops walk can be found in the Bachledova Valley. It offers not only nice souvenirs, but also local producers’ products and sports accessories.