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Sport Shop

BACHLEDKA sport shop

Sports news and practical accessories for the whole family.

You’ve probably heard the phrase that there’s no such thing as bad weather for being outdoors, just the wrong clothing and equipment. When staying in the mountains, this applies doubly. In our store, you will find all the equipment and accessories that you may need during skiing and staying in nature, so even a sudden change in the weather or the fact that you forgot something need not worry you.

Visit our sports shop in the pedestrian zone in Bachledova dolina and supplement your wardrobe and equipment with outdoor news. In the assortment of the store, you can find functional sportswear for the whole family by Alpine Pro, thermal clothing by Viking, Norwegian lights and socks by Ulvang, functional clothing and accessories for cross-country skiing by Swixx, ON sneakers, ski clothing, and accessories, ski goggles, gloves, hats, hoods, and helmets.
The range consists mainly of Slovak, but well-known international brands such as Alpine pro, BOLLE, RELAX, UVEX, LUNDHAGS, and Bjorn Borg.

You can also rent trekking poles, sleds, a child’s hiking carrier, or an ergonomic carrier for babies in the store.

The opening hours of the store copy the current opening hours of the ski resort.

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