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Actual Information

Ochutnajte magurskú prírodu

Ochutnajte magurskú prírodu

Každé ročné obdobie má svoje čaro. Na jar si vychutnávame zobúdzajúcu sa prírodu, pučiace kvety,…

Dovolenkujte inak a objavte Zamagurie

Dovolenkujte inak a objavte Zamagurie

V dnešnom článku sa pozrieme na ďalšiu časť regiónu Severného Spiša. Po tom ako sme objavovali…

Dovolenkujte s celou rodinou v Ždiari a okolí

Dovolenkujte s celou rodinou v Ždiari a okolí

Prostredie v okolí Ždiaru Vám ponúka jedinečné zážitky, oddych, adrenalín, turistiku, ale aj edukačné atrakcie či…

Life in Bachledka

Bachledka BLOG

Are you interested in information from the backstage of the center, news, and tips for your holiday? Read about them on our blog.

Calendar of events

Bachledka is a venue for various family, cultural and sporting events. Check out which events are going to take place during your stay at the resort.

Group trip

The resort is an excellent destination for corporate, school or club trips. Take a look at our offer specially tailored for schools and groups and experience a day full of fun and adventures together.


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The resort
Bachledka Ski & Sun

Would you like to visit us? Are you already here but not sure where to go? Our resort is full of attractions, slopes and various facilities.

All necessary information can be found on the next sub page.


Attractions and services

Treetops walk

Explore the nature from a bird’s perspective. Take a unique walk through the treetops and let yourself be charmed by the views of the Tatras, Pieniny and the picturesque Zamagurie.

Gondola Bachledka

Get to the treetops quickly and comfortably. The new cable car will shorten your journey down to 7 minutes. It transports pets, families with carriages and is wheelchair-friendly, too.

Bobsled track

Enjoy the longest bobsleigh track in the Tatras with the wind in your hair. You choose whether your ride will be fast and dynamic or slower and more scenic.


There is never enough of climbing and jumping. At Bachledka, children can enjoy 2 wooden playgrounds, large trampolines and many more.

Your experiences, Your Bachledka