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Tips for excursions

Ždiar, Osturňa, Jezersko


Museum of Ždiar

The village of Ždiar is the jewel of Slovakia mainly thanks to its traditions, customs and folklore. The local museum offers information about the life, living conditions and customs of Ždiar inhabitants. You will have an opportunity to see Ždiar wedding, wear a traditional folk costume and enjoy an interesting guide commentary. You can enjoy the ride on a horse-drawn carriage, local cuisine and the sound of Goral music.

Belianska cave

In the Tatranska basin there is a unique Belianska cave the largest and the only alpine stalactite and stalagmite cave open to the public in the Tatra National Park. The loop cave trail is 1370 m long and the super elevation is 125 metres.

Monk Valley and Kopske saddle

Monk Valley situated in the Belianske Tatras National Nature Reservation is open to the public only in summer and it is one of two valleys open to the public in the Belianske Tatras. It lies between the peak of Ždiarska vidla (2141m) and the peak Hlúpy vrch (2060m). The departure point for its visit is the town of Ždiar.


Spider park

Spider park is situated in the Tatranska basin near the car park below the Belianska cave. You can choose from the three routes of different level of difficulty. Have fun and adventure with your family and excel yourselves.

Adventure mini golf

Play golf, a popular and recreational game and have fun with your family. You can play golf in Ždiar on a nine hole golf course where the kids will also get to know and learn about the animals living in this region.

Beliansky pond

The pond situated 1 km before the village of Spišská Belá is a nice relaxing place not only for fishermen but also for tourists. You can buy one day fishing ticket to fish carps and to have a snack and refreshment in the fishing house.

Múzeum Dr. Michala Greisigera a J. M. Petzvala (Spišská Belá)


Strážky Manor house

It is situated in Spišská Belá and it is one of the oldest manor houses in Slovakia. It is a jewel of renaissance architecture. The magic and relaxing atmosphere of the manor house is accentuated by the 19the century English landscape park. Besides the precious historical library there are also the pictures of Ladislav Mednyánszky. Today many cultural events and „Manor house plays“ take place in the manor house.

Červený Kláštor museum

Monastery formerly used by a monastic order of Carthusian monks and later by Camaldolese monks is today a museum featuring the history and monastery life of above orders and preserving precious relics from the Červený Kláštor monastery as well as from the whole region of the northern Spiš. It preserves also the lifetime work of the famous „flying“ monk Cyprian.

Červený Kláštor spa

Červený Kláštor spa was the first spa rebuilt after the war and today it is the most modern spa in Slovakia. It is situated in the heart of breath taking Pieniny Mountains. There is unique curative-medical water flowing from the spring of Smerdžonka which thanks to its composition rich in minerals and hydrogen sulphide helps to heal skin diseases, locomotor system diseases, neurological diseases and digestive system diseases. The spa received the statute of climatic spa thanks to its exceptional climate and clean air.

Rafting float tour along the river Dunajec

Fully guided rafting float tour along the river Dunajec canyon on the traditional wooden rafts is one of the best attractions of the Zamagurie region and the Pieniny Mountains. Experience the thrill and excitement of rafting and admire the beautiful natural scenery of the Pieniny Mountains.

Rafting the river Dunajec

Rafting float tours on the traditional wooden rafts is wonderful, but even much more thrilling is rafting the river on the raft. Take your family or your friends and enjoy adrenaline-pumping thrills of rafting in the heart of beautiful Pieniny Mountains where the only sound to be heard is the water roaring and one thing worth watching are the waves shimmering in the daylight.

Vrbov thermal park

Vrbov thermal park is open year round and it offers swimming and relaxing in ten pools filled with natural geothermal water full of beneficial minerals. Water containing lots of minerals has beneficial effects on the locomotor system, airways and cardiovascular system.

Terma Bania (Bialka Tatrzanska – PL):

A thermal water park situated in a nearby Bialka offers various water attractions and family pools. The water park is divided into a fun zone featuring water attractions and spiral slides and relaxing zone featuring relaxing pools and massage jets as well as a large sauna zone.

Termy Bukowina (Bukowina Tatrzanska – PL)

The village of Bukowina situated in the Polish Tatra Mountain region offers the visitors water fun, spiral slides, relaxing pools and saunas all year round.

AquaCity Poprad

The town of Poprad situated right below the High Tatra Mountains offers the visitors a water park with 13 thermal and relaxing pools as well as 350 water attractions. You can relax in 2-storey wellness world Fire&Water SPA. A laser show is the perfect end to your visit. It takes place every evening in the Blue Sapphire pools.

Museum of skiing

In the village of Tatranska Lomnica located in the High Tatras region there is a museum dedicated to the history, foundations and development of winter sports in the region of High Tatras from the very beginning until 1945. The most exciting attraction are 3.07 m long skies made in 1885, exhibitions of old bobsleighs, ski sticks, ski boots and ski workshop.


In the town of Stary Smokovec there is a trick-art and optical illusion gallery offering a remarkable tour of Slovakia . You will find up to 24 attractions within the space of 500 m2 including augmented reality, anti-gravity rooms, the most amazing mirror maze in the Central Europe and much more.


Visit the historical royal town of Kežmarok with a pleasant atmosphere and beautiful monuments. Take a look at the Wooden Evangelical Articular Church (UNESCO), Evangelic Lutheran Lyceum with a historical school library, town castle with the Museum of historical vehicles and the oldest street in Kežmarok the Old market with its original charm while walking along the town.


The walking tour of the historical town of Levoča with a remarkable renaissance square lined with the renaissance houses is a breath taking experience also for a hard-to-please visitor. The centre is dominated by the St. Jacob’s basilica [UNESCO] with the master Paul’s of Levoča altar and a renaissance town hall with arcades and allegoric characters of five virtues from 1615 and the cage of shame. Inside of the town hall there is a museum with the picture of legendary Levoča White lady and a piece of her dress. The Basilica of the visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Marian hill is the venue of the famous Levoča pilgrimage [it takes place every year at the beginning of July] and it also offers a beautiful view of mythic Levoča.