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For pleasure

For those who like to enjoy themselves

Sightseeing tower

Would you like to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the pure and lush nature of the High Tatras? Not a problem! At the top of Spišská Magura you can enjoy such a perfect view with our 14 m high observation tower. In perfect weather, you can enjoy the view of the Belianske Tatras and the opposite Pieniny’s Tri Koruny. The observation tower is located on a ridge and is freely accessible throughout the year.

Picnic and beautiful Belianky view

Take advantage of the nice weather, skip cooking lunch, pack a food basket and go for a picnic to Bachledka with unforgettable views of the Belianske Tatras. Picnic in Bachledka is a unique experience for the whole family and a much better option than making your lunch in the kitchen.

Snacking in the forest

Nothing is better than blueberries, raspberries and strawberries straight from the forest. The forests of Spišská Magura boast a large number of those throughout the summer. Taking them from the bush just adds to the experience.

Sunbathing and relaxing on the terrace

We all know that relaxation is extremely important for the healthy functioning of our body. After a tough hike or a day of cycling, there is nothing better than to relax on the south-facing terrace with delicious snacks and stunning views. Relaxation in the Tatra nature will make you feel like you were born again. The sunny terrace of the restaurant PANORAMA with a beautiful view can be found on the ridge at the Gondola Bachledka exit station.

Hiking trail to Jezerské Lake or to Ždiar

If you do not feel like a big alpine hike, take a 6.5 km walk to the Jezerské Lake or to Ždiar. The top of Spišská Magura, where the trail starts, can be reached on foot or by a cable car from Bachledova Valley. Forests in our region are full of forest animals and birds. You can learn more about them on the educational trail leading to Jezerské Lake. And maybe you will find out who left the mysterious footprints in the mud.

Wellness in the Hotel Bachledka Strachan and Penzión SKI Jezersko

After a day spent on the fresh air, a regenerative massage, a whirlpool bath or a beneficial relaxation in the saunas will definitely come at hand. Here, you can perfectly cleanse your mind and relax your body. In the embrace of the beautiful and quiet nature of Spišská Magura, enjoy the amazing atmosphere and let your tired mind wander. Wellness and Spa Center is located just below the ski slope in the Hotel Bachledka Strachan **** in Bachledova Valley and in Penzion SKI Jezersko ***, which is located on the opposite side of the resort.

Souvenir shop

Are you a fan of souvenirs? In the souvenir shop near Infocentre in Bachledová Valley or in the souvenir shop next to the Treetop walk, you can find a selection of local food, gift items and sporting goods produced by Slovak producers. In the souvenir shop in Bachledova valley, you can also rent a baby carriage or walking poles.

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