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General business conditions for using skipasses TATRY SUPER SKI

General terms and conditions for the use of the TATRY SUPER SKI skipass that apply to ski centers under the joint card system TATRY SUPER SKI:

  1. Kotelnica Białczańska (Ski center Kotelnica Białczańska sp. z o.o., registered office: Środkowa 181 b, 34-405 Białka Tatrzańska, KRS: 0000067900);
  2. Czarna Góra – Koziniec („CZARNA GÓRA – KOZINIEC” sp. z o.o., registered office: Nadwodnia 170, 34-532 Czarna Góra, KRS: 0000239680);
  3. Hawrań – Jurgów („Centrum Wypoczynku i Rekreacji „HAWRAŃ” sp. z o.o., registered office: Podokólne 1, 34-532 Jurgów, KRS: 000021509);
  4. Czorsztyn – Ski (CZORSZTYN-SKI sp. z o.o., registered office: Kamieniarska 30A, 34-440 Kluszkowce, KRS: 0000038512);
  5. Kaniówka ((Stacja Narciarska Kaniówka Dziubas Władysław, Wodziak Stanisław sp. j., registered office: Kaniówska 19, 34-405 Białka Tatrzańska, KRS: 0000415848);
  6. Bania (BANIA spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp. k., registered office: Środkowa 181, 34-405 Białka Tatrzańska,
    KRS: 0000565410);
  7. Polana Szymoszkowa (Dorado Sp. z o.o., registered office: Polana Szymoszkowa 2, 34-500 Zakopane, KRS: 0000180393);
  1. Harenda – Wyciągi („Harenda – Wyciągi” sp. z o.o. registered office: Harenda 21A, 34-500 Zakopane, KRS: 0000214080);
  2. Witów – Ski („WITÓW-SKI” sp. z o.o. registered office: Witów 205c, 34-512 Witów, KRS: 0000253245)
  3. Stacja Narciarska Suche (Stacja Narciarska SUCHE sp. z o.o., registered office: Suche 103 b, 34-520 Poronin, KRS: 0000302489);
  4. Grapa Ski (“KOMPLEKS TURYSTYCZNO NARCIARSKI CZARNA GÓRA-GRAPA” sp. z o.o, registered office: Zagóra 200, Czarna Góra, 34-532 Jurgów, KRS: 0000216144);
  5. PKL – Palenica – Szczawnica (Polskie Koleje Linowe S.A. registered office: Krupówki 48, 34-500 Zakopane, KRS: 0000429345);
  6. PKL – Mosorny Groń – Zawoja (Polskie Koleje Linowe S.A. registered office: Krupówki 48, 34-500 Zakopane, KRS: 0000429345);
  7. Bachledowa Dolina (Słowacja) (IMMOBAU, s.r.o., registered office: Kuzmányho 839/12, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, VAT Reg. no. 2021681618),

hereinafter jointly as Ski centers or individually as a Ski center.


  1. Card TATRY SUPER SKI – is a time-limited right under which it is possible to use the chairlifts and ski lifts of the TATRY SUPER SKI Ski Resorts (hereinafter referred to as “chairlifts and ski lifts”) which are available and are in operation in accordance with the conditions laid down in the General Terms and Conditions. The TATRY SUPER SKI card is valid (hour, day) based on the type of skipass you buy:
  2. hourly skipass– is valid for the period indicated on the card from the moment of activation of the card until the end of the ski day at a particular ski resort;
  3. daily skipass – is valid for the consecutive number of days shown on the skipass from the time of its activation until the end of the ski day at a particular ski resort on the last day of the ski pass validity;
  4. Card – TATRY SUPER SKI ski pass, either Skidata KeyCard RFID or another SkiData medium. It is reusable and allows for recording information on the remaining validity of the skipass.
  5. Local card – card other than Skipas TATRY SUPER SKI which authorizes the entry into and use of the facilities of the ski resort in accordance with its internal rules.
  6. TATRY SUPER SKI card – card which is assigned to a particular user and which after activation allows to use all associated services.
  7. Time authorization – a record in the system that activates the card and which allows for the use of services under TATRY SUPER SKI ski pass.
  8. Card activation – recording the time authorization and the handover of the TATRY SUPER SKI card to the owner.
  9. Personalization of the card – assignment of a specific TATRY SUPER SKI card to a particular user that takes place the moment the TATRY SUPER SKI card is loaded on a ski lift/ chairlift reader.


  1. All persons entering the ski resort are obliged to become acquainted with and comply with these General Terms and Conditions.
  2. The General Terms and Conditions define the rules for the use of the TATRY SUPER SKI skipass in ski centers belonging to the TATRY SUPER SKI system. TATRY SUPER SKI skipass records the times of the individual entries.
  3. In accordance with the General Terms and Conditions, the TATRY SUPER SKI card entitles you to use available and active ski lifts and chairlifts during the opening hours of individual ski resorts. The opening times of individual chairlifts and ski lifts as well as the length of the skiing season may vary and change during the season. The duration of the winter season of individual ski resorts is influenced, inter alia, by weather conditions. Information on the current opening hours of individual ski resorts can be found on the website www.tatrysuperski.pl.
  4. The information board located in each ski resort provides information about the currently available ski lifts and chairlifts.
  5. The activation of the Tatrysuperski card shall be decided by an authorized person who shall bear legal consequences for his or her conduct. In the event of a change in the location of the ski center where the Tatrysuperski card is used, the authorized person is required to check the availability and opening times of the ski lifts and chairlifts of the resort the cardholder wants to visit. In such a situation, it is advisable to take into account both the validity of the timetable as well as the time of arrival at the center or the time of preparation for skiing itself. In the case of skiing competition, organized ski club trainings or other events, ski resorts belonging to the Tatrysuperski system reserve the right to organize such competitions, drills or other events and reserve the slopes, chairlifts or ski lifts designed for their own use. In this case, the participants of the event have the right to use ski lifts and chairlifts of the ski resort as the first.
  6. These Terms and Conditions cover all skipasses issued by TATRY SUPER SKI.


  1. Ski passes available in the TATRY SUPER SKI offer can only be purchased at the cash registers of the ski resorts, at authorized points of sale and on the website www.tatrysuperski.pl.
  2. TATRY SUPER SKI skipasses and cards are owned by ski centers.
  3. A tax document for a purchased skipass can only be obtained on the basis of a purchase receipt from the skiing center where the skipass was purchased, under the conditions laid down by law. The refundable deposit for the card does not appear in such a tax document.
  4. At the cash registers of ski resorts located in the territory of the Republic of Poland, it is possible to pay by credit card or cash in Polish zloty. On the territory of the Slovak Republic it is possible to pay using payment cards or in cash in the euro.
  5. In justified cases, to the extent stipulated by law and with regard to the safety of persons using the facilities of the center, the seller may refuse to sell the skipass and the ski resort may refuse to provide the service (e.g. if the buyer is under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances).


  1. The only person authorized to use the TATRY SUPER SKI card during its validity is the person who activated it.
  2. The ski pass validation information is displayed on the reader display whenever the holder passes through the turnstile or the ski lift. Information on the type of the skipass is printed on the TATRY SUPER SKI card when it is issued at the ski resort.
  3. In the case of the purchase of a ski ticket with the validity during the main season and the off-season, the customer pays a combined price.
  4. After activating the ski pass, it is no longer possible to swap, extend or shorten its validity.
  5. Ski resorts allow the possibility of returning a purchased ski pass that has not been used, that means activated, no later than the day of closing of the last open ski center under the TATRY SUPER SKI system in the season in which the ski pass was purchased.
  6. Upon issuing the TATRY SUPER SKI card, a refundable deposit of 2 € per card is paid each time. In the event of mechanical damage to the card, the claim for the deposit is lost.
  7. The re-sale of TATRY SUPER SKI cards is forbidden. In the event of a discrepancy between the data of the original holder of the TATRY SUPER SKI who activated the card with the data of the person using such a card, the card will get blocked.


  1. Discounted ski pass TATRY SUPER SKI is, according to the price list at tatrysuperski.pl, intended for children under the age of 11, youth between the ages of 11 and 16 and seniors 65 + (Senior and Super Senior ski passes). Discounted TATRY SUPER SKI skipasses are issued on the basis of an identification document of the holder.
  2. Children up to 120 cm can use the free TATRY SUPER SKI skipass only when accompanied by an adult with a valid TATRY SUPER SKI skipass. One adult can accompany only one child with a free ski pass. The child is entitled to the TATRY SUPER SKI skipass for the same period as the skipass purchased by the adult accompanying the child. Height measurement is carried out at the cash desk. Children must wear helmet (without ski or snowboard) when being measured.
  3. Seniors over 75 years of age are entitled to a full-day TATRY SUPER SKI skipass at the price of € 1 upon submitting their ID card.
  4. Groups over 20 people have a 10% discount when purchasing the TATRY SUPER SKI skipass. Every eleventh person in the group gets the TATRY SUPER SKI full-day skipass at the price of 1 € for each day of the skipass validity and the other persons will receive a 1% discount from the price list.
  5. All discounts and conditions for their granting are published on www.tatrysuperski.pl and are available at the cash registers of the ski resorts. A TATRY SUPER SKI skipass, which is used by an unauthorized person (e.g., a person not entitled to a discount) may be blocked. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, the validity of the local card is limited to the territory of the skiing center where it was purchased.


  1. The TATRY SUPER SKI card must be inserted into the pocket on the left side of the clothing, i.e. in the pocket on your left chest or in the pocket on your left hand.
  2. Items that may interfere with the loading of the TATRY SUPER SKI card (e.g. mobile phones, car keys, payment and credit cards) should be placed on the right side of the clothing.
  3. You must have only one TATRY SUPER SKI card when you walk through the turnstile (you shall not have any other TATRY SUPER SKI cards, as this may result in the activation the card of this type). Ski resorts belonging to the TATRY SUPER SKI system are not responsible for the consequences of not complying with the above conditions.
  4. There must be a distance of at least one meter between the persons in the turnstile area so that the turnstile does not read the card twice, i.e. so that the next person can use the TATRY SUPER SKI card without any problems.
  5. Each passage through the turnstile and card reading is signaled by the corresponding message on the reader display and the green light on the turnstile.
  6. Red light signaling on the turnstile means the passage through the turnstile is prohibited.
  7. Once a person passes through the turnstile, the TATRY SUPER SKI is automatically triggered, making it impossible for another person to use the same TATRY SUPER SKI card so as to prevent unauthorized use of this card.
  8. A person using the card is required to pay attention to the audio signal and messages displayed on the turnstile reader screen and to follow the instructions.


  1. When submitting a complaint, you must provide proof of purchase, i.e. a receipt.
  2. Complaints regarding the TATRY SUPER SKI card shall be submitted in the information center of a specific ski center belonging to the TATRY SUPER SKI system.
  3. Complaints will be reviewed in accordance with the law. The ski resort will provide a response to the complaint no later than 30 days after complaint receipt.
  4. In case of seeking a compensation for any accident for which the ski resort is not responsible, the person concerned shall provide a copy of the TOPR / GOPR (Mountain Rescue Service/ authorized mountain rescuer) accident report.
  5. Reimbursement of unused pre-paid entitlements on the skipass card on the basis of a complaint that has been filed in accordance with generally binding legislation shall be made in an appropriate manner, taking into account the period of validity of the skipass. The amount of the refund may be exchanged with the consent of the user of the card for a time entitlement corresponding to the unused time entitlement, in circumstances where the ski center is responsible for the conditions of the particular ski resort a person is complaining about.
  6. The deposit for the card is returned at each cash desk, self-service machines in ski centers and authorized points of sale.
  7. The ski resort is not liable for any damage caused by force majeure, natural conditions, weather, the fault of the injured person or a third party for which the ski resort is not responsible, including an uninterrupted power failure lasting for less than one hour, and any inconvenience out of control of the ski resort.
  8. The operation of individual ski lifts or chairlifts may be interrupted to ensure their proper and safe use (e.g. weather conditions).


  1. The SKIDATA electronic system, which is used in ski resorts to pay for and check the TATRY SUPER SKI card, allows users to check the TATRY SUPER SKI card. When passing the turnstile, user photos are taken to check the right to use the TATRY SUPER SKI. These photos are deleted within 31 days after expiration of the ski pass.
  2. Attempting to use the TATRY SUPER SKI without the appropriate authorization, or the use of the TATRY SUPER SKI card by an unauthorized person, will block the use of the TATRY SUPER SKI card. At the request of staff or authorized persons, a visitor is required to show the TATRY SUPER SKI card. Rejecting to do so will result in blocking the TATRY SUPER SKI card in question.
  3. Persons who violate public order or whose behavior violates the rules of the ski resort or generally accepted standards of behavior will be taken out of the ski area by the designated personnel or handed over to the security authorities of the public administration.


In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (GDPR), data obtained from the TATRY SUPER SKI card are process by the ski resorts listed in these General Terms and Conditions who act as joint managers of these data. Personal data obtained under the contract and during its performance are processed on the basis of Art. 6 par. 1, “b”, “c” and “f” of GDPR for the following reasons: meeting contractual and statutory obligations (including claim assessment), safety and health, including accident reporting to emergency services, police or the prosecutor’s office). The data is stored only for a limitation period. The person concerned has the right to request from the joint administrators access to their personal data, to rectify them, erase them or restrict their processing, to object to data processing, data transmission – if these rights are not restricted by the GDPR – as well as the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority (the chairperson of the Office for the Protection of Personal Data). The provision of personal data is voluntary. However, in the case of complaints / requests for reimbursements, it is necessary to take into account the client’s requirements and to verify his / her entitlements. Joint data administrators are not allowed to take automated decisions under the GDPR. Joint administrators agreed on a common point of contact in case of issues concerning personal data protection with regard to TATRY SUPER SKI at e-mail address: tatrysuperski@gmail.com.


We reserve the right to change the prices and conditions for new customers. Changes in prices and conditions do not apply to people who have already signed a contract (they bought a skipass).


The General Terms and Conditions came into force on 15 November 2018.